jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016


These days that I'm in the university, I think that my career program is really good, we get to see a lot of diferent areas of the anthropology, like the fisic part, the social and archeology. But it's true that on the basic cicle (the first 2 years before the speciality) we get to know so much more of the social part (like 3 or 4 subjects per semester that are just about that part), so If i had the power of completly transform that i would put 2 subjects per semester for each future speciality, so that everybody can decided wisely which of the different areas they really like.
In the other hand I will also like to implement more subjects that includes work outside the classroom, because if we want to be really good professionals we have to learn how to work with people from different condittions than ours, I will also like to work with other careers in different subjects (but really important subjects no just CFGs).
 In general i wouldn't change so much of my study programme, basically thats basically why I decided to study anthropology here in the Universidad de Chile than in other universities. So tell me if you like my ideas or what kind of ideas would you implement on your careers.
Also sorry guys for the terrible boring subject, but is't always important to be active and responsable with your career. I hope you have a really good end of semester, try to sleep as much as you can and good luck with the final examssssss !!!!!xoxoxox

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

Holidays !!!!!!!

Summer is finally coming, sadly I won't be able to enjoy of a single day off during december, basically because at the begining of the year (between may-june-july) we had an "strike" for about two months and a half, so now we will have classes until december 26th and the final exams will be on the week before and also the week after xmas. So my real holydays will start on 2017!. and I have big plans for them (maybe these are the most  elaborated holidays of my whole life kkk).
I will travel to Punta Arenas, expecifically to my sister and her husband house. I will stay there from january 2nd to january 21st, and I will work (as a voluntier, that means without salary) with and arqueologist that is making a wonderful work investigating the wild and enormous animals that used to live on the Patagony various thousand years ago. She is also working to relate the first humans that lived there with the type of animals, wild vegetation and even the wheater (very rainy and windy).
I will also work as a babysiter of my own niece (kkk) during the evenings of january, and I hope that the weather will be good in Punta Arenas during the summer so that I can go to the seaside with my sister's bike or with my little little niece. Finallly I also hope that my sister take me to the Torres Del Paine.

Well that is all for now I want to know what are your plans for the holidays.!!!xoxox

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016

The Star Wars

I really love to watch movies, but nowadays is really frustrating how expensive the cinema is!, so I just go to the cinema if the movie is about superheroes (marvel or DC) or a Star wars movie.
I have liked The Stars Wars movies since I can remember, when I was a kid I usually watch them with my father, and we even have (until today) the lightsabers (one blue and one green), we spent our weekends and holidays always playing with them like we were Luke and Obiwan. About the movie it self, I love that kind of science fiction (with guns and aliens and amazing ships), and I really love the way the characters interact between them, specially Han Solo and Princess Leia.
I really recomended it if you have a lot of time because there are 7 movies (even if the first, second and third are really bad, you need to watched them in order to understand the story better) and of course if you like science fiction these movies are the classics !.
The first 6 movies are now available on Netflix in really good quality, so if you have and account is really your oppportunity!!!!
Time to say goodbye, I hope you liked my post and I will like to learn about your favorite movies of even the movie (or movies) you hate the most. I will be waiting for your answers !!!!

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

Future Plans

Nowadays, there are tons of profesionals looking for a good job just like I will be in aproximately 4 years from now, so I really need to learn much more, and specialize myself in diferent areas if a want to find the greatest job.
For arqueology is very difficult to take classes in diferent countries, basically because to plan an excaviation you have to know really well the history of the cultures that used to live in that place, the resourses they had (water, corn, potatoes, etc.). So to make things easier I will prefer to make my magister here in Chile, but definitely in other region, Preferable as far as i can from santiago, so that I can expriment a different weather (more rainy and windy) and interactuate with diferrent people.

For the doctorate I will like to go overseas, because once i've gained enough experience on my work (thanks to the magister), i will be more capacitate to excavate in other countries.
As you can see, i have plans of keep studyng for a long time, because I know that is the only way i can make my dream come true
(I really want to excavate in Egypt).

So what do you think about this topic, tell me in the coment section your opinion and if you want to make a postgraduate in the future. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you next week

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

My Campus

I don't define myself as a person who likes art vey much, basically because it takes a lot of time to learn about techniques and that kind of stuff and sometimes the museums are really expensive (at least the very good ones). But since I'm studing in JGM campus, art is everywhere (and it's free).
All the campus is full with beautiful peaces of art, most of them where made a long time ago (a few where made in the very early 2000). All are made and decorated with dynamic and strong color like red, blue, green, yellow and of corse black.

One of my favorites is the one on the picture above (the hand), is located on the "Aulario B" (the building with only classrooms) and I'm able to watch it everyday. I'm no very sure of what it really means, but in my opinion maybe is a Chilean native (maybe a Mapuche), that is trying to remeber us from where we came and in what we really need to focus as future anthropologists. This mural also made more colorful the cold and dark "Aulario".
I like a lot my campus, because of this beautiful peaces of art, and I'm sure that this will be the thing I will mis the most of this beautiful place.

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

"Young & Beautiful"

Music has been an important part of my life since i was a little child, I remembered dancing to Chayanne and Talia when i was just 3 years old, then while I was growing up, my music taste started to change a lot, from reguetoon and bachata (during my 13-14 ), to pop, kpop and a little bit of rock that i like nowadays.

But it was in 2014 when a song really touch my heart, one day I was watching my Leonardo DiCaprio's favorite movie "The Great Gatsby", and that magical song appeard; at the begining I didn't know who was the singer or even the name of the song and it took me around 2 weeks of deep searching to find out that was Lana Del Rey's "Young & Beautiful".

During that time I was really depressed for several problems with the school and my life, and the only thing that made me calm and happy (that's weird because it's a slow song) was listening to it around 10 times a day. Now Lana is my favorite artist to listen to when im feeling down or when i want to be relax.

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

One Direction

It´s been 2 years already from that magical night, That May 1st of 2014 was deffinetly one of the most magical and amazing days of my life.

During those years I was crazy in love with "1D", they were the band of the moment and the ticket was a birthday present from my father, so it was very meaningful for me. 
We arrived at 4 pm (and the concert was at 9), the lane to enter to the National stadium was tremendous; so we bought a lot of stuff (hats, posters and even a mug) during de one and a half hour we were just waiting.
When we entered to the stadium, I met a wonderful girl with whom I talked during the other three and a half hours (she was really nice). 
I remebered that the atmosphere was so happy, all the girls (including me) were just singing so loudly, we were screaming for everything and sharing water, some snacks and even hugs!
But deffinetly the most memorable moment was when they sang "You & I" (my favorite slow and romantic song from them) and magically started to rain, I will remeber those expectacular four minutes for the rest of my life!!!!!!